Monday, February 1, 2010

RSS Vs Sena? I'm sure Mumbai doesn't want this

Mumbai, the city just refuses to be out of news. As a matter of fact, its ‘guardians’ don’t let it remain out of news. It was initiated by Raj Thackeray through few speeches, which were later transformed into action by his men – members of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (I prefer calling it Maharashtra No-nirman Sena). When Shiv Sena, headed by Raj’s estranged and not-so-aggressive cousin Uddhav Thackeray, realized that Raj was gaining a firm ground in the state on issues that were their ‘patent’, they began resonating his voice and re-directed their energy towards ‘protection of Mumbai’.

But it’s no longer an easy task. RSS has declared that they will guard and protect the North Indians in Mumbai. They have also been backed by BJP, which is incidentally an ally of Shiv Sena.

Now this paves the path for an ugly fight, which may be violent, on the streets of Mumbai. While Senas have to their credit bashing of migrants, burning of BEST buses, and involvement in the riots post Mumbai blasts in 1993, RSS is the force behind the demolition of Babri Masjid.

But lost amidst these powerful political groups are the people of Mumbai – Maharashtrians as well as North Indians. What do they want?

I don’t have specific data to prove my point but I guess Mumbai has more migrants than Delhi or any other Metro. And if you have visited the city or happen to live there, you will agree that it’s probably one of the best examples of peaceful co-existence.

Mumbai has often been praised for its zeal to fight back and return to normalcy after every attack or calamity. When people came on the streets after the train blasts to help those in trouble, or when rain played a monster, they never asked if a person was a Mumbaikar of hailed from Bihar or Uttar Pradesh. They just extended a helping hand to everyone in distress. I’m sure there were several people from Bihar or Uttar Pradesh who provided water bottles and snacks to the Marathis who were helpless when trouble struck, and vice versa.

The so called custodians of Mumbai also attacked Sachin Tendulkar, Mukesh Ambani and Amitabh Bachchan when they said Mumbai is for all. But why didn’t they have a problem when Amitabh made the Mumbai Film Industry earn wealth out of his blockbusters? When Ambanis, who are originally from Gujarat, set up some of India’s biggest industries in the state? And coming to Sachin – how can they even think of attacking a Maharashtrian who has put their city on the global map in his own ways?

Well, the aforesaid points are not meant to back RSS. In fact, RSS is probably worsening things for the North Indians. It’s good that they have raised their voice for the migrants but I fear they also would resort to violent means. They would do nothing but send their goons to clash with those of MNS or Shiv Sena. And I believe people in Mumbai are rather busy making and shaping up their lives, arranging means of livelihood, than face a bandh due to violence at Worli or Vashi or Thane or Panvel or Andheri.

Mumbai is the city of dreams; a city that has the power to fulfill dreams; a city that makes lives; a city that India is proud of. And there must be something very special about the people of such a city. They would certainly disapprove of anything that in any possible way harms their structure of peaceful co-existence.


  1. Another piece of intelligent thinking Shobhit. Actually whenever a fight is initiated by the 'guardians', the people are the greatest losers. But they are never asked what they want.

  2. Girindra said...
    Indeed it's a thought-provoking piece offered by you. People, specially of Mumbai, want it clean - of all dirtiness, clumsiness and cynicism of thought - but the so-called 'guardians' won't let them do that. They would certainly poke their nose in every such situation and would leave no scope of politicising the things for their mileage. Does it not look this time again that wooing the north Indians in Mumbai is actually related to the ensuing Bihar polls and an attempt to fish in the troubled waters in U.P. politics - just to gain some ground for Sena's ally B.J.P.? If it is really so, then the indications are really grim, because the self-proclaimed 'secularists' would certainly try to meddle in between for their own kitty among north Indians, and that would lead to much uglier situations.
    Let's pray and keep our fingers crossed - for the better.

  3. A very good write Shobhit.. While readin one feels they r physicaly present in Mum.. can feel d pain n anguish.. at least I cud.. I rily, genuinely feel dat v (especialy youngsters) need 2 du smthn dat impactful, wich perhaps wud 4ce MNS 2 put their brains 2 use n might get smthn fruitful.. dey hav regularly bin attackin (like enemies) on sm or d other North Indian by jus pickin up sm baseles, futile subject.. n V need 2 stop it b4 it turns out 2 a gr8 damage nt only 2 North Indians bt 2 d nation as whole..

  4. Finally, writing comments... A nice piece by you Shobhit. It seems that Thackerays have nothing else to do but attack non-Marathis and play moral police to anyone and everyone. How would they feel if every other state in India ban Marathis in their states and what would be Bombay if the Bollywood is taken out and put up somewhere else? What about just Marathis working in Bollywood ??

  5. Mr. Critique... this is to inform you that you are summoned at Matoshri of Mumbai and Mahal area of Nagpur at earliest for making the internal feelings of Mumhaikars. If you ignore this message then get ready for the protest in front of your house in Delhi by "Paid Members of Saffron Brigade". By the way... where do you live in Delhi? ;) ;)

  6. Mr. Critique... this is to inform you that you are summoned at Matoshri of Mumbai and Mahal area of Nagpur at earliest for making the internal feelings of Mumhaikars PUBLIC. If you ignore this message then get ready for the protest in front of your house in Delhi by "Paid Members of Saffron Brigade". By the way... where do you live in Delhi? ;) ;)

  7. Shohbit.. Good to see that young people like you are taking the onus to spread the message - The feeling which lies deep in our heart and sadly only rises when its provoked by a writeup or some glamorous news flash. We all want to co-operate and co-exist but no one devotes time for it. We always wish the man in front of us to take the first step ..This is where we are beaten . The so called "guardians" take advantage of this and keep ruling us. Its high time we wake up to the calls of our soul and start contributing to the cause by rooting out these self proclaimed preachers of "right and wrong". This article has definitely touched my heart.. Keep posting ..

  8. Definitely, Mumbai doesn't want all this. It's always these madmen's whims which the innocent people have to suffer for!

  9. Well written with words emoting just what you feel. Being a Mumbaikar and a North indian who has lived here all my life, I totally agree with you. High time they realise that Mumbai's unity cannot get shaken by all this. And also to keep their family wars at home ;)

  10. Divide and Rule. Brits taught the Indian leaders. Political parties such as these work for personal gains. Besides disrupting normal life for people of the city, they aren't doing anything worthy for public. But I believe people can counter them with more awareness. If people stand firm and don't give in to their pressure. We can always win... It takes persistent efforts but one should always fight.

    Media today can play a more constructive role rather than playing a puppet to these publicity mongers who are instead using the Mass Media for their selfish motives.

    You have done a good job but more is needed...Keep writing...Cheers!